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The devs don't care about the content creators

First, sorry about my English. This isn’t my native language.

  • Translators
  • YouTubers
  • Streamers
  • Guide makers
  • PvP championship creators

They don’t talk with us.
They don’t help us with divulgations.
They don’t support us.
They even know we content creators exist.

The distance between the content creators and the devs are insane. So, what I think about it? No more money in this game. I won’t support the devs more, I won’t support this thing more.

And the funny thing is… all de Korean devs are the same. Ragnarok, Grand Chase, Black Desert Online… it’s the same history. This is why I don’t have more hype with korean mmorpgs (Lost Ark, for an example), because it’s always the same thing. It’s just all about money.

Your point is valid, but you have to consider…

  • IMC isn’t that big of a company, meaning limited staff and money
  • There is a language barrier between community and devs
  • They have other things that require more attention in the moment

If the amount of staff that can do translation and bridge devs and the iToS community isn’t enough they can’t just assign someone from other department to do it, hiring more people means more expenses and they need to keep the balance even. Meanwhile, IMC already said they will focus on class reworks (not known how many nor which) and if we assume the worst case, that will take a lot of time and resources already.

Sure, if they invest on content creators they can get more attention and, perhaps, increase their revenue, but the gain has to be superior to how much more they’ll expend with the new staff and has to be consistent.

Which brings it to the last part, the main selling point is the class combination and the ability to play anything but that isn’t completely true in the current state. Along that, the game is quite demanding (even with all the free stuff) and not that beginner friendly, this creates a barrier for entry and retention which can cause any attempt to promote the game into a way for people to try it, leave and never come back (instead of doing it later, in a better state, and, perhaps, stick for long). I can’t say for sure that is the case, but it might be a reason why they’re so subtle when promoting ToS.


And just to expand a little bit, i get where you’re coming from, but the company has no obligation whatsoever to do any of that, i mean, yeah, its pretty cool when they do, but you cant demand them to do so, specially considering the points Hillgarm pointed out, but yeah, you’re obviously entitled to stop supporting the game for any reason you like

Now, i really dont want to sound preachy, but one would assume that content creators from any game do it because they, at the very least, like the game enough or they just want to help the community out, so if you go in expecting the devs to support you, then you kinda cant accuse them of “its just about the money” when they dont, cause thats pretty much the same thing you would be doing

All that being said, the Tree of Savior Facebook page has actually shouted out some content creators a couple of times actually, maybe try approaching them that way

Anyways, i would be glad to check out your stuff, drop a link mate, self promoting is also important

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What I find hilarious is the game is almost 99% FAN TRANSLATED. Let that sink into your heads a bit lol cos why pay for proper localization when everything can be fan translated.


@Hillgarm @IHadesI again, sorry for my English (I’m learning). It’s very hard to explain, but I’ll try. I suggested some things (like the Twitch Prime for the Tree Of Savior) and I got 0 feedback’s. I know I know, if I want to do some content, I can’t wait for somethings, but what I don’t understand: why they don’t speak with us?

I don’t want money, I don’t want something big, but little things that can help. I have a lot of suggestions, I sent a lot of suggestions, but the feedback is 0! This is what I don’t understand.

I do streams because I love the game, I like to speak, I like to play together, but little things (like promote the streamers in the oficial page), helps a lot.

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Now, this is a slightly different subject. No one can say for sure, but it’s believed that some toxic player interactions on forums (and other channels) made the staff (or even the iToS communications policy) to shift into a more distant approach, it wouldn’t be surprising if this particular role became something no one wants to do.

From what i noticed, there are some things on iToS forum that reaches the dev team, but we just don’t get any interaction to know if that is taken in consideration or dismissed completely (as you said, no feedback). There’s also the chance that some of the same points could be made by kToS players and they just only it from there while ignoring iToS completely.

It could also be the case that IMC chose not to interact with iToS that much because it doesn’t want to give a false sense of validation to player feedback and/or leak their future plans. If a staff replies “thanks for the feedback, we’ll take a look at it” it kinda implies that the point in question is valid and will be incorporated in some way, which might not be the case at all. In addition, if they start replying generically people will perceive it as bot replies (which could be the case why only bugs and bot reports are replied), in this case they’d need someone qualified to take a look at it and then get that reply to be translated and given back to players (which adds a couple more steps, making easier to not interact and do it as a “surprise”).

I know it’s frustrating to dedicate your time and energy into giving feedback, suggestions, critiques or anything in that nature and not have any clue if that was ignored or made through the dev team, and they should improve their approach, but it might be that they’re not able to do it in a way that is good both for them and the players at the same time.

I get that. The issue here is that doing so means that they need to constantly look for people streaming the game, and then be sure they promote all of streamers equally. I don’t know if that can be done through a twitch service (which is also an issue since that’s only one platform), but even there could be the case that IMC/ToS doesn’t meet the requirements to request the service or has to pay for it (have no idea how these work).

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