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Then I state the whole thing here. Firstly there are two parties that competed for the first past of the hell mode moring. I am in one of the parties. However, ‘DW’, who is in another party, was afraid of losing the first pass, then he tried to break up our party, by sending a chat history to our party member ‘A’, causing ‘A’ leaving our party. When I asked ‘A’ why he left, he showed me the chat history and said it is ‘DW’ who sent him the chat history.

When I asked ‘DW’ if he did it, he refused to admit it, even though I had lots of chat history as evidence. In the later several months, ‘DW’ still refused to admit what he did. ‘DW’ even said ‘A’ told a lie to destroy the friendship between ‘DW’ and me. (yes, ‘DW’ said ‘A’ was lying, ‘DW’ said ‘A’ wanted to blame this thing on ‘DW’). After saying these completed lies, he said “hope you have a good living game”

Then ‘DW’ started raging on ‘A’, asking why ‘A’ told me that ‘DW’ sent ‘A’ that chat history.
Then ’A’ came to blame me as well…

Okay, that is why I am angry with ‘DW’ because he did those dirty things and tried to defame me.

There is another story, there was a player ‘C’ in DW’s party. ‘C’ quit DW’s party, and wanted to join in our party. I knew all the reason why ‘C’ quit the party of ‘DW’. After a statement to our GM, our GM accepted the joining request from ‘C’. Just before ’C’ formally joining our party, ‘DW’ came here and said that he did not allow ‘C’ to join our party because he had some issues with ‘C’. However, it was ‘DW’ who did bad things on ‘C’, making ‘C’ feel very uncomfortable and quit DW’s party. How could ‘DW’ come here and pretend ‘C’ doing some bad things, Pretending it was ‘DW’ kicked ‘C’ out?

Do you want to know the reason why ‘DW’ did this?
Because ‘C’ helped our party to get the second rank in WB, while DW’s party only got the third.

DW kept pressuring on me, ordering me to delete my post from the last night till now
Hesitate for a long time, I finally made the decision,I thought I have played this game for a long time and I am always very kind with anyone.
If I cursed someone except for DW, I can apologise here as long as you can show that I cursed you once


原神+++but you play cn or international :tired:


得過且過吧, 不要把游戲内的政治帶到現實。

I have seen many come and go, many things happened among players as well since old times

all the best :+1:

what’s 原神? It’s translated as original god. wtf is that?

来亚服学英语?怎么不去玩美服,不见得你的英语有进步, 还玩了至少半年。你还是老老实实看书,连戏剧什么的学标准英语吧。亚服?除了学粗口骂人就有还有什么……?

原神 is Genshin Impact

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what is this even? some kind of drama?

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Thanks Ayassa , you keep bringing non-stop trouble into your guild , your friend , your party since start til the end . learn to move on and being adult , world not move around you.



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what happen here?

what happen Aya chan o.O!

play the game to improve English


who cares? ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

Always remember drama always have 2 sides of a coin. You can always blame and call out others for whatever that happened , but end of the day it take 2 hands to clap. To only read from one side is as good as a slap to a face, best is not to get involved in other’s affairs



“No data yet,” he answered. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment.”

哈哈 玩亚服学英语?亚服英语水准蛮烂的,能讲标准英语的人并不多 /Slurp



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can’t … cn and international different server

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以上全部事情都有截图作证,如果需要图,可以添加我的QQ 40974043