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Thank you GM and admin! Telsiai baubas clear of bot today! (sincere, not sarcasm)

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin

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Dont stay there they might mistaken you aswell :joy:


Better talk to players before labeling them as bots… if they reply a lot answering your questions smoothly
like a real player not bot then they’re not. On the other hand if they ignore you & teleports (obviously) it means its a bot. Hope there’s justice for false accusations(IF someone). We are having fear to farm in bot’s places now because as the comment above says “they might mistake you aswell” . I Hope IMC make their job right, and careful on reporting guys have a nice day !

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^ this

and, no need to talk to those SRs who only have monster killing achievements.
they’re obviously bots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

you don’t have to talk to them. just observe, bots are obvious they walk the same path and some bots teleport even without camp xD

oh yeah…!!

i think GM should check at baubas more frequently TBH. or lv340-lv400 fields and hunting grounds.

Bots just multiplied they wont die. Last i check at baubas it was same as before.

Good for baubas, it’s time to visit all the maps in EP9 -12 quest lines as well
Still infested …