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Territory Wars ü

  • Team Name:Starkisch

  • Character Name:Bless

  • Class Build:Archer 2> Ranger 2> Appraiser 1 >Schwarzer Reiter 3 > Bullet Marker 1

  • CPU:Core i7 4710HQ(Haswell Refresh) @ 2.5GHz

  • RAM:16GB DDR3L

  • Graphics Card:GeForce GTX 970M (MSI)

  • OS:Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed:5Mbps

  • Country/State:Philippines

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Hello! i do like territory wars, reminds me of the old war of emperium.

:clubs: First thing i noticed is the mount issue, certain mounts keeps disappearing everytime i enter territory wars on inner 8 (had to install mount 'er Good adds-on to remedy this problem) this issue is very troublesome for people that plays mounted class.

:clubs: Better map selection - tested inner 8 , galeed & genar. Galeed is a bit of a bad place to put in, because everyone just fight each other in the middle and whoever got the tower first don’t even have to fight half the time.(i could be wrong and this could actually make this map unique, like its easier to say that its a map thats hard to take and easier to defend than the other 2.

:clubs: Common issues - Most casual players is recommending that Frost lord card has to go, i have to agree on this one (I am aware of counterplay dispellers & bloodletting and stuffs…) but just had to put this one here most casual players that wants to join in have lack of knowledge and funds that’s given, they’re kinda losing the will to play cause of ^ that issue, along with repair cost+buffs+potions etc.

:clubs:More objectives - Needs to make more objectives to do in the war, This is mostly for the newer peoples since obviously they wanna help but at the same time they know they are undergeared and pretty much will die fast If its possible make it something that can make low level people help out too by collecting, thing nearby that can trade to npc. Once a guild has enough of the thing traded to npc, npc will buff all current alive guild members on the map or summon a strong pack of monsters that hit anything in their way while running to tower(just an Idea)

:clubs:Spawn camping - need to make it so that after you leave spawn/safe zone you cannot take damage or do damage or cc for 5 sec. You also cannot go back to safe zone to refresh this. This means that entering will mean you are committed to fighting and not just spawn camp peopl where its safe.

:clubs:Debuff/cc- Not really sure about this but, i’ll just put it here after getting stunned,Freeze or something can we get even 1-2sec immunity, Cc diminishing returns needed So you cant get cc lock forever.

:clubs:Warpstones - Not much of an issue but could we disable this inside territory wars?

:clubs:Score visability - need to make it so that people can see the guild score for each map easier.

Other than that t’was fun, had a good time and learned a lot of new things :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to agree with a few things here that @Chann have mentioned.

Firstly, I too agree that the Froster lord card must go. It’s really troublesome and a burden especially for casual players who had no knowledge about dispellers or are low on funds to fully gear themselves due to the nerf the developers did on the silver earn rate from dungeons while most items remain expensive. Since it’s just beta I understand that this is just a test for us players until the official release of the guild war feature to the game but more objectives would make it even fun since the war lasts for an hour. Also I fully agree to what @Chann had mentioned about in the Spawn camping section as well. Better map selection is also vital to make guild wars a more exciting event to participate.


Good job on creating this feedback post. I agree with all of the points you made here.

Mainly what I would like to see changed/nerfed the most is Froster Lord card. First, I want to start off by saying the only class that should be able to freeze other players is Cryomancer in my opinion. Second, the card needs to be disabled in both TBL and GvG and the reason is because it’s just too overpowered for every class in the game to be able to freeze other players. Yes, we have dispellers/bloodletting/etc to counter the freeze, but I still stand by my first opinion about Cryomancers. In TBL the freeze proc has diminishing returns but it’s still not enough to say the card is balanced when there’s a 15% chance to freeze along with multi-hit skills that proc it very easy. Most players don’t even live long enough for the diminishing returns to have any affect due to being 1-2 shot by certain skills with an overly enhanced/transcended weapon, but that is a whole nother topic.

On the topic of more objectives inside the GTW maps you made a great point about new or under geared players being able to help out in any way other than just PvPing to capture the tower. As you mentioned, adding certain objectives/materials to collect or killing mobs/bosses around the map to give the guild different buffs is a great idea that would encourage new or under geared players to participate until they are able to catch up in gear or knowledge of how certain PvP mechanics work. Also, having different objectives in general gives more dynamic/strategy to GTW other than just going from point A>B to capture a tower and defend.

Another idea to add is being able to build 2-3 cannon or arrow towers around the tower circle to help defend it better. In order to build them maybe we have to obtain a certain amount of points from defending the tower for a period of time or points from PvP kills. The towers don’t need to be overpowered in damage but mainly to distract enemy players with another obstacle to get through while trying to capture the tower. Anyways, the third day was fun and I hope to see GvG continue to improve in terms of features, balance, and stability.

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