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Territory Wars Test 2


  • Destroying at least one amplifier crystal before the start of a match (during the 5 minute defending guild entry period) causes the zone to bug out and put all players in non-PvP mode, so fighting is impossible. We heard about this bug from Impetus and tested it over the next two days, so it’s reliably controllable. This happened in Baron Allerno even when we only killed the northern amplifier in the 5 minute pregame period, and damaged the eastern one but didn’t kill it, and didn’t touch the southern one.

  • Tree root crystal animations can cause the game to briefly freeze up. This only happens with the first tree root crystal I see destroyed after changing maps, and it happens when the yellow spark animation begins. It happens in normal maps too, not just inside territory wars, and started after the patch that added the second territory wars test. Changing graphics settings has no effect. The length of the brief freeze varies by character, with my main getting frozen for 2 seconds and fresh alts getting microstutters that are barely noticeable.

  • On the 26th, when we had the 5 minute period to enter in advance as the defending guild, I couldn’t enter TW from Tenant’s Farm channel 1 and had to switch to channel 2 to enter. Nothing happened when I clicked the territory wars option in ch1. This problem didn’t happen the following day.

  • If you die inside TW and go to the character select screen and change characters instead of respawning or waiting for the timer, when you log back onto that character it can be stuck in a fake dead state in town. I was lying on the ground on my screen, but others saw me standing up, and I couldn’t move or use skills, but could use items. I had to lose a duel to regain movement.

There’s a number of issues from before that are still around:

  • Loading in new players causes the framerate to drop severely. This can cause a long freezeup when a large guild attacks, causing you to die before you can even start fighting. Even small numbers of players loading can cause enough freezing to get you killed.
  • If your snowball gets broken while you’re snow rolling, you get stuck in place for the full duration instead of being able to get up and move after falling.
  • It’s annoying how it kicks you out of the zone every time a map gets captured. Maps can change hands very quickly, so sometimes I spend a large portion of the TW time running back after getting warped out.
  • The points UI has never been visible. No addons were used.
  • The mouse mode reticule targeting bug is still there. Reticule-targeted spells like frost pillar and micro dimension often appear right next to your character instead of where your mouse cursor is.
  • Many players feel like it’s pointless to fight without having a large group. Guild alliances with a limit on the total number of players would help smaller guilds participate.

Safety Buff
It’s hard to tell when people have the safety buff now, especially due to the bug where mousing over them doesn’t always cause their HP and status to appear. The bug happens most frequently with mounted players. How about making their HP bars another color when they’re safe?

The new safety system does let you enter the zone safely, but if a large guild is around, you can’t fight them without a lot of teammates or else you’ll just die the moment your buff falls off, unlike in the previous system where you could shoot at them from safety.

It’s a good thing you can sit down and make a bonfire without losing the safety buff.

The option to respawn at the guild tower is helpful. The new amplifier bonuses seem worthwhile, but it was hard to tell because the points UI was invisible. Sometimes other guilds’ icons don’t show up (this happens in TW and on the world map).


Just to clarify–we suspected this was the case on the first night in Baron on Friday. When we attacked Aqueduct at the start on Sunday, however, we did not own it, and it was bugged as well at the start and no one was on it.

After we took it, we were still able to attack amps. Genar was also bugged on Sunday for the first time and no one had set foot on it as far as I know.

I suspect it’s some kind of weird combat flagging issue, perhaps it freaks out if the channel crashes post maintenance (which is why the first couple nights were fine), but hard to say.

It’s annoying, but guild communication helps. If someone remaining on the map (who can see the damn UI, lol) sees that it’s about to cap, it becomes beneficial to not enter and then wait til it caps to do so. I think this feature needs work, perhaps pushing everyone to a spawn point yet still inside the map would work.

We shared a suggestion with Peach yesterday that hopefully can be tested. We want to see if there can be an additional map (running at the same time as normal GVG maps) which has a player cap, to encourage smaller guilds to participate on that map.