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Territory Wars Feedback

  • Team Name: LumberJeans

  • Character Name: GiaGunn

  • Class Build: Cleric 3 Priest 3 Plague Doctor 3

  • CPU: intel core i7

  • RAM: 8gb

  • Graphics Card: AMD radeon 8600M

  • OS: windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 60mb

  • Country/State: Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

  • Comments

My first thought about the test is that the ping seems really stable when the map isn’t full, but as soon a guild with 30+ people engage with another guild with the same quantity of people the lag becomes unbearable up to a point where it isn’t playable anymore (over 5000 ping). Please watch the videos (there are dozens of them) so you’ll be able to get a good grasp of the situation.
I hope the 100 player limit into the Fields are only a test-thing, because the general idea is that more and more guilds participate in the war and a 100-player limit seems way too hindering.

The amplifiers increase way too much the point counting speed making the battles short since the tower gets conquered way too quickly.
In a general sense, the participating guilds weren’t able to hold a defensive ground since it was pratically impossible to defend against an enemy guild that had the amplifier buff and entered the point counting area. I propose that the points get counted at a slower pace and that the rewards are given to the guild which are able to maintain control over their castle over a determined period of time or make the rewards better for guilds that held the control for a long period of time.
The Templar skill which teleports up to 15 members is lackluster since most guild currently have, at least, 30 people. The “Share Buff” skills bugs completely when it’s activated.
It’s impossible to identify your party members once you enter the field, which makes the overall organization quite difficult. It would be interesting to have a way to identify your party members.

It would be more interesting if there was a NPC in the major towns (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian) which teleported players to the entrace of the fields during War Times.

The maps used in the GTW are pre-existing maps. Why? Why not create maps exclusively for war purpose? I believe it would make the war dynamics better and aesthetically speaking it would be even better. This kind of makes me a little sad.

It would be interesting if the major towns had an guild identification for the guilds that were able to maintain their castles/towers! Like a banner, a statue, a tower, anything really, but at least something that showed which guild was able to hold their tower/castles/fields.
Special costumes for the winners of the GTW is an interesting ideia. Even if they were only visual, TOS has a strong aesthetical appeal which a lot of players would enjoy and not only an armband (which is kinda bad actually and pretty lackluster in a beauty sense).
The rewards weren’t clear but i believe that an exclusive map for leveling/farm with open PvP would be an extremely interesting ideia.