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Territory Wars Feedback (UPDATED) | CRIMSON |

  • Team Name: Sarutobi

  • Character Name: Athene

  • Class Build: Cleric-priest-diev-taoist

  • CPU: Intel Core i7

  • RAM:16 GiG

  • Graphics Card:GeForce GTX 1070

  • OS:Windows 10 Home 64-bit

  • Internet Connection Speed: 500mbps

  • Country/State: Canada, Toronto


First things first, Let’s take a look back at most unforgettable GvG moments that refined the GvG today.

~ 1st Season of GVG

~ Last Season of GVG

As you can see The Main problem of those Season are The Game optimization and also what people called “IMC hidden feature” which causes a lot of Drama, Exploits and Guild rage that leads a lot of players who are Guild war enthusiast lost hope to IMC and eventually quit the game. We hope that in this new GvG experience IMC fix the old issue and Gives more attention to its player based.

Moving forward to Current GvG (Territory Wars) which is still in beta and still subject to change and improvement. As we participate earlier, it’s still long way for full release and still need some tweaks and changes.

Things that IMC should Improved, no questions asked:

  • Add more optimization for Guild territory war. Lag and server issues are making Guild war not fun at all.

  • Add more balance to its Character Classes. This issue is been there since day 1 of the game. #Noto1hitKO

  • Territory War Time Schedule per Region( For Future ). I remember before when SEA players need to wake up early in the morning just to play GVG. Please please Don’t do this mistake again.

  • Add More Guild war Objectives that can benefit the guild while the war is on going. (benefits like buff, Allied Summon monster etc.)

  • Restrict up to 5-10 players per Guild per Castle siege. This will at least balance a little bit the classes that can work together and also this will help low populated guild to participate in GvG. It’s 3 castle anyways So no need to congest in one castle.

  • Pay More attention to future Exploit and Bug in the GvG. Players exploit it so fast. ( You know what i mean :tired:)

Other ideas that IMC should think about.

  • Add Guild Alliance system. This will encourage small Guild participate to Guild war by having their own role as a member of Alliance.

    • This will make Conquering all castle at the same time possible.
    • Fills the spot of other Guild alliance roster that don’t have enough players so that they can enjoy the guild war to the fullest.
    • Meet new friends along the way.
  • Guild War Territory Rewards System. Make IT BIG and don’t give us TP as a reward anymore. ( We benefit to it so much previously :blush: ) Examples:

    • Each castle victors owns 1 town. ( Klai, orsha and fed )
    • The Tax Collected by the town will go to the Guild that owns the town.
    • Make the emblem of the Guild as a Banner of the town that they Conquer (Just like orsha banner ).
  • Castle Defense System. Allow us to defend our castle by building Walls, Turrets/Cannons or any Projectile Buildings and Traps. By adding this makes GvG more interesting and fun.

  • Random spawn of Tree root Crystal that gives Heal or buff inside Territory war zone. Helps a players when in needs. They just going to run around the map and look for it and pray to RNG. Examples of buff are:

    • Full heal.
    • Invisibility.
    • Immunity for certain amount of time.
    • Movement speed and etc.


The Ideas presented in here might already been Submitted by others since ToS territory war is similar to other games that i played and are Already practiced or implemented by other games like BDO, RO, BnS and etc.

Tips for future GVG participants, Old or New Guilds:

As a Guild member of Crimson who DOMINATED the first GvG upto the last GvG season in NA. There is only three things that you should work to have a favorable outcome. Communication, Composition and Gear(Especially now). (THE HOLY TRINITY)


SEA players
[NA] Klaipedia

I’m not seeing the problem here :thinking:

Final Thoughts #1:

Some problems from previous GvG are still can be seen in this territory wars. One is The Character class Imbalance as posted to my original writings. A lot of players are easily get 1hit despite having a good gear by a single skill especially by magic skills even TBL rules are being applied. Probably the best solution is to keep the Intense class Balance going on as the game is moving to the right direction. Another possible solution is to have more tougher and balance rules than TBL because even TBL rules has its flaws… Some AoE skills are still ridiculously overrated maybe some tweaks on that section might change the flow of the combat pvp system of the game. The Stats system of the game is clearly need some change because the role of Accuracy, Evasion & block are still unbalance and kooky.

Next we gonna talk about the Castle Map along w/ safety zone and spawn spots.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will be reviewing your feedback and suggestions and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you
GM Francis,

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Final thoughts #2:

The three Castle are very difficult map for attackers to get into( Let’s say the attacker’s and the defender’s have same number and fire power).Considering Classes imbalance, ridiculous AOE skills and getting 1shot by single skills from afar. It should not how the Territory war works but the idea is there. The map design are just not meant for Territory war in the 1st place, So my idea is why not create a new map or redesign the current castle map that is really meant for Territory war. The three maps except Genar field has only 1-2 entry point to the castle which it should not be happening when there is A lot of ridiculous AOE skills that you just have to spam on entry point the whole day. As i previously discussed about number of restriction per guild and Guild alliance i think this are good solution for that problem if we are not redesigning or getting a new map. The Territory war will not be Friendly to all guild if we are not doing something about this. Considering the population of the game.

Another idea that imc should think about is to enable to share buffs to your guild mate when you are on territory war zone even if your not part of the party. It makes no sense when your other guild mate dont get the buffs that you have just because for a reason that your guild mate is not in your party. So my solution for this is either to enable to share the buffs to all guild mate or to increase the members you can invite on a party when territory war is on.

Next we talk about my final thoughts about Territory war as we getting closer to its end.

Final Thoughts and Proposal:

As we getting closer to the end of Territory war, There are still Some important points that requires more attention and need to change before the release of this GvG experience. A lot of player’s are dismay when they are getting 1 shot from a far by a certain skills tho it cant kill you when you have revive buff but still its so lame to have that in GvG and another thing is the ridiculous aoe CC and skills are just so game changing that it controls the flow of the game and its unfavor and so over power. As i previously discussed, Please Do more Intense Balancing Of each classes so that when this GvG is release it has decent and balance action and game play that everyone enjoy. Next is Population base of the game, If what we saw now is what we get in the release of this GvG, this will just favor Guilds that has numbers than those guilds that has quality, You can never win when your enemy has 5x the number of your party. If we cant restrict the number of players per guild that can enter the castle then the best solution would be the Guild Alliance considering the population of Klai server or other sever, IMC should think about this as this will dictate the over all GvG experience. It should be Guild friendly to all New Guild or Old Guild. Balance should be the Core of This GvG and not something else. I still believe that GvG should have harsher and has more strict rules than that of TBL because GvG involves so many classes and skills that even if we apply TBL rules its still not enough to get the balance that what we need. Map should be redesign, faultless and ideal for Territory war cause some maps just poorly and not design for Castle siege. And pay more attention about the bugs and glitches when this GvG is out as i previously discuss it.

The Territory War system made a huge leap compared to the previous GVG, and it should be appealing for existing players and new players. Players have much more room for strategy as the Territory war has a large area and you able to fight all the guilds in one map not just one like the previous one. The feeling of this GvG is way more different and way more Good than previous Guild war if this is done right and fix right. I just hope that IMC will think and take this ideas and suggestion from players seriously and wholeheartedly.


+40 weapon users one shotting people with full con… need merkhava every fight :tired:

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Even its not +40 its still possible to 1shot a full con w/ shield class.