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Territory Wars Feedback Fedimian

  • Team Name: Axwell

  • Character Name: Ulysses

  • Class Build: Cleric2-Krivis3-Druid2-Exorcist2

  • Server: Fedimian

  • CPU: Intel i5 2320 3.0GHz

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7800 Series

  • OS: Windows 8.1

  • Internet Connection Speed: 60mbps

  • Country/State: UK

- Comments

  • The current starting time for Fedimian is perfect and should stay as it is.

  • The one hour duration is also good as it’s not too long nor is it too short.

  • Terrority Wars should be restricted to only a day or two a week, having it every day is exhausting and it would be easier for players to fit days around GTW than to have them only partake in certain days.

  • Having 3 maps doesn’t feel all that strategic and is rather, give up one map for the sake of capturing another and is more of a back and forth. This is also hindered by the fact we have to go through loading screens before we enter a map as well long, temporary buffs being lost when changing maps and cooldowns not being reset when entering GTW maps.

  • I would prefer to see GTW fought on a singular map with multiple points on that map, allowing for better rotations between points. A map designed specifically for GTW like the gemstone feud would be better than the premade maps. However, the castle having multiple access points like it does now is definitely great and should be kept that way. The current maps are also rather bland and lack variety. A map with one of those elevators would be neat or something.

  • TBL restrictions applied to GTW or have it’s own restrictions to certain, more powerful abilities as well as items. There is a large imbalance between Cleric, Wizard, Archer and Swordsman classes where the latter two feel less useful and more of a burden by the fact I choose those and not a Cleric or Wizard. This includes cleric spells that give invulnerability or debuff immunity such as Bloodletting, Beak Mask, Revive, Statue of Goddess Ausrine, Mackaningdal, Sterea Trofh as well as hard CC mostly from wizard classes such as Sleep, Telekinesis and Raise. Obvious restrictions would be to have all these skills duration shortened only for GTW. Dispeller and Charm of Protection are also too useful and should have a cooldown or should be restricted from being used in GTW.

Other restrictions could be:

Strengthening weaker classes such as giving swordsman a higher ratio of CON to HP or Archers the same with STR to PATK. Some classes just need buffs in general.

Down-scaling certain damages or durations. This could also be done for downscaling/upscaling certain stats as CON is too effective in GTW and PvP in general and having more incentive to run full STR or INT.

The point above but for specific classes with those immunities or hard CCs, there should be a trade-off.

A buff that is applied to players that were recently CC’d where any more CC applied past the first should have its effectiveness reduced and have the buff applied additionally or multiplicatively the more CC that is applied up until a cap. This could also apply to debuff immunities and invulnerabilities so that stacking these is less effective.

  • More incentive to play. Participation is rather low and the current rewards that were given for the beta test were given by entering any GvG map from the start. This is rather counter intuitive and made it so some players only entered for those few seconds to receive the rewards and then didn’t participate. If we are going to reward players, it needs to be at the end of the GvG or for those that participated for a certain duration or won. I know about the testing of those coins that are given to the guild at the end and I hope they are put to good use. Rewarding players is also as important as rewarding the guild as a whole even if they are rewards as small as blessed shards, attribute points, gem abrasives or enchant scrolls.

  • Restrictions on defending guilds camping the entrance of a map. Not sure how to address this though; maybe have players choose where to access the map from the drop down menu rather than having to specifically go to that adjacent map. This would also add a greater strategic element as having a single defending player catch the attacking guild preparing on a specific map lessens any strategy.
    Could also have a small safe place for attacking guilds at the entrance of the maps(?)

  • Party indicator. As the names/info below the player don’t show, sometimes it is hard to know who is in my party without casting exorcists koinomia or linkers party link and hoping that all my party members are around or near me to get full use of those. Maybe having a small indicator next to the guild picture would be useful or having the colour of the border of the guild portrait being different (green).

  • The amplifiers and the way that capture points are earned are not fun for the defending guild. In one of our days we had the opposing guild capture the amplifier(s) and had our whole guild standing on the castle while only a few members of the opposing guild were also standing on the castle and they managed to out capture the castle. It’s a minor set back but it doesn’t make sense that a few members of an attacking guild can gain capture points faster than a defending guild can reduce those points with more members stacked on the castle. While the amplifier should give a boost to the amount of points captured, the formula for the points gained should consider the defending guild members too.

  • Don’t kick players from the map once an attacking guild captures the point. This ruins the flow and having the castle at a constant threat is more exciting than having been kicked from the map and having to restage an attack. The kick is also currently more frustrating because of the current amplifier problem.

  • Some specific locations the boss spawns are purely advantageous and a disadvantage to either the attackers or defenders. One of the spots being the spot to the left of the Genar castle where there is no access point to it without going through/past the castle.

  • Post game stats. There is currently nothing apart from the fact we captured the map and a victory heading. I would like to see some stats post game such as total kills as a guild or per player, deaths, damage done, CC score, status ailments prevented, healing done, a grade or anything.

  • The optimisation for larger fights is atrocious. Constant drops to 2-10 FPS as well as consistent desync issues.


  • Using Ein Sof with Restrain is bugged and reduces maximum and current HP to 1/1.
  • Skills with animations are invisible while transformed with druid.
  • Mouse mode in general has a billion issues.