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Territory wars feedback (Fedimian) IliIilI

  • Team Name: IliIilI

  • Character Name: Sulphur

  • Class Build: A1>QS3>Ap1>Sc1>Ca3

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz

  • RAM: 8 Gb

  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7600M

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 120 Mb

  • Country/State: Spain

  • Comments

I’ve been participating in GTW since the first unofficial tests in Fedimian. Here my feedback:

  • The use of dispellers should be disabled in GTW. My build has a lot of cc and utility skills, (such as caltrops, stone shot, smoke grenade, blindside, pavise), which render useless with the use of dispellers. What’s the sense in building your character around cc and utility if you can’t use it to your advantage in GvG?
  • Certain abilities are tremendously op in GTW, such as revenged sevenfold, revive, raise, frost pillar, earth wave, dethrone, pain barrier, ausrine, and other immunity-granting and hard cc-ing skills not affected by dispellers.
  • Charge skills (such as Cataphract’s speed charge) cause desynchronization issues, making desynchronized players untargetable.
  • Guild participation should be encouraged in some way by granting some kind of unique rewards to participants. As of now, there is little participation from other guilds in Fedimian. Most times, first half hour of GTW consist in standing afk next to your guild tower, as other guilds won’t show until the last minutes of GTW.
  • I’d propose to reduce the number of TW areas to two, so guilds are encouraged to battle each other more, instead of having all three major guilds holding their own spot for most of GTW time.
  • GTW rewards should be based on the sum of time each guild manages to own a territory tower over the match. That would encourage guilds remaining active during all the event, from start to end.
  • I would vote for having GTW only twice per week. Daily GTW requires too much dedication.
  • When you are playing in a party, it’s difficult to identify your party mates. You should add some color tag to party members to better distinguish them from other guild mates.