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Territory Wars Feedback (Fedimian (EU)

  • Team Name: Thorolfsson

  • Character Name: Robin

  • Class Build: Schwarzer Reiter

  • CPU: Intel

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: NVidia

  • OS: Windows 7

  • Internet Connection Speed: High Speed

  • Country/State: Germany

- Comments:

  • Players go down to fast, incapacitating someone should be the result of team work and at least 2-3 should be necessary to bring someone down, therefore reduce damage further by default
  • Maps should not look like ordinary fields, some kind of castle design would be appropriate, the design should facilitate strategic points like narrow passages and wide areas, the maps should still be out of normal towns to keep camps and all other support important
  • Rewards should be nice but not overwhelming, especially not for winning in contrast to losing, don’t do rewards that put winners further ahead
  • Maybe reward for holding castle over several GTW days (don’t overdo it)
  • GTW times: each day GTW is too often, maybe 1-2 / week would be more reasonable (GTW loses its uniqueness if too often), 20 CET is fine for weeksdays, could be earlier on weekends 18 CET
  • Cap numbers of players per guild (25?) to give small guilds a chance, this goes hand in hand with times per week, lower cap means there could be more times per week, so in big guilds not everyone can/must play each day, on the other hand small guilds might still be stressed too much
  • Strategic mechanics like defender bonus, crystals (too short) and boss bonus for attackers are good, maybe emphasize them
  • Guild emblem problem
  • FPS problem (maybe just my PC)
  • Poor swordies

Maybe edits later

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About the dispellers and Charms being disable during GTW or having a CD?