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Territory Wars Feedback (Day 1)

  • Team Name: PaleMoon

  • Character Name: Luna

  • Class Build: Wizard3-Elementalist3-Warlock3

  • CPU: 2017 KABYLAKE Intel i7-7700K overclocking edition CPU

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: ASUS Gaming GeForce nvidia Video Card (GTX 1060-6GB)

  • OS: Windows 10 Home

  • Internet Connection Speed: 54Mbps

  • Country/State: New Zealand

  • Comments

Issues and general Feedback

Interestingly enough, the Territory wars concept isn’t bad, with some tweaking i can definitely see it becoming a fun activity for players to participate in. The main issue really is the synchronisation connectivity and FPS.

Almost all the times, my spells are either stuck in animation lock or are incredibly delayed. There are also times where after i cast a spell. there is some delay before i can even move again. As you can imagine this is quite detrimental for something like this. Some players also just randomly appear next to you due to synchronisation issues and your screen doesn’t show them there until a few seconds later.

FPS wise, i was actually expecting it to drop lower with the amount of players and effects present. However it seems like the recent optimisation patches helped a lot in this aspect . Yes the FPS dropped and Yes it was lower than normal, BUT it was playable to an extent(disregarding sync issues) and this is a good look if IMC keeps up with more of these patches in the future.

The next point was going to be about not shoving literally every participating guild into ONE MAP for the war, but i can see that IMC has added 2 additional maps in an emergency maintenance, so i wont need to expand on this.

There were a lot of VGA errors that frequently popped up as well, but i am unsure what caused them. Hopefully this can be looked into since it happened at least 9 times during the war.

Now i believe i did see one of the Staff said that TBL rules were implemented here, but i was able to use dispellers and other people could as well. This is usually not allowed in TBL.

Now for some suggestions for the Territory War Concept.

There are a few suggestions that i think might make Territory Wars more fun for all players. (of course these are just my thoughts, but feel free to give feedback on them too).

  1. Make a system that also lets lower level or lower geared players participate too, what i mean by this is perhaps making some objective that lets lower level or less geared members do, that can benefit their respective guilds in this war. An example perhaps could be making a special safe zone area in the map where you can mine for special materials that can be exchanged with an NPC nearby. Once a guild has mined a specific amount of materials, a pack of strong monsters will be spawned and run towards the tower and attack any opposing guild members on the way there. (of course these can be killed but should be strong or unique enough to give a threat)

  2. Perhaps make a way for smaller guilds to alliance with each other. Say only the guild leaders can do this and once they do so, members in both guilds will not be hostile to each other in the war. Of course if the tower gets taken by any 1 of the allied guilds, the treaty pact goes away and they will be hostile to all again. (This can be further tweaked or balanced of course, but just an idea)

  3. Make maps with special themes or use special themes on maps. What i mean by this is to make it so that every Territory war map is unique in its own way and not just different in terrain. Perhaps make a map that has special areas that slow people down and areas that speed people up. Another idea would be to have a map where there are patches of burning fire around that do some damage and inflict the [Burn] Status when stepped on. This would make the experience much more fun and give people more to think about when choosing which map to assault.

  4. This one is was already talked about under issues, but obviously add more optimisation patches and things to fix the synchronisation issue too. The previous patches were a great start, but we need more to really make magic happen.

Some ending words

Although Territory Wars had its own fair share of issues and problems, it was nonetheless fun to try something new and it was nice to see a lot of guilds participating, even players who haven’t been on in awhile returned to try. It will be interesting to see new combinations of classes and tatics/strategies in the upcoming wars.


Good job on this feedback post. I agree with the points you made under territory war concept suggestions.

  1. Great idea for new or under geared players to feel encouraged to participate. Not only that, but it would also add more dynamic/strategy to the maps instead of just going from point A>B to capture a tower.

  2. Interesting idea but not sure how it can be balanced to make it fair. This might be too complicated to implement, but the idea I had is to have different maps where only smaller guilds can enter to fight over the territory. For example, a map with a max player limit for guilds that only have around 10-20 players. That way we don’t have the same 3-4 guilds with 40 or more players dominating the maps every week.

  3. Another great idea. This goes back to what I was saying about having more dynamic/strategy to the maps. There’s already certain maps (Resident Quarter) that have traps to slow players down so it can definitely be implemented on GTW maps. Also, to help defend our territory maybe they can implement a way we can build a certain amount of cannon or arrow towers around the tower circle from obtaining points from winning or holding a territory for a period of time. The cannon/arrows towers don’t have to be overpowered in damage but enough to distract enemy players while trying to capture our tower.

  4. Definitely needed.

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Hello Everyone!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will be reviewing your feedback and suggestions and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you
GM Francis,