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Terrible Decision

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No reset helper. No events. Just screw you people who have max slots on your account and have supported the game since day 1 that don’t wish to make a brand new account and head off to a Growth server. Go buy Class point vouchers with TP if you want to try the new stuff. What’s your problem. In 4 years I haven’t taken to the forums to gripe about anything, but this was a terrible decision and I want you to know it IMC. I wonder if the person who thought this was a good idea is even a gamer. Nice crackhead moment here. gg - olcerin: klaipedia

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Actually reading the comments in the forum direct to the patch note, it appears it was edited several times already and people pointed out even more glaring missing elements such as the max level increase itself lol. My note here is probably just the result of a crappy written, incomplete patch note, but I’ll leave it posted anyway to illustrate the confusion (or if it does still actually apply after we all login and see what the patch note SHOULD have said). Either way… bad form. Act like you care thx.

On these particular days, it’s possible to get 1,000 Class Change Points in a single day if you do anywhere from 9-10 Unique Raids (depending on previous activity during those weeks). While it is a shame that there don’t seem to be various Reset Potions available with the release of these new classes, anyone with at least 20 Raid Portal Stones will be able to get at least two class changes during this weekend event. 40 or more may be necessary if you don’t want to run Casual First Refuge, though.

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Well thanks for pointing that out. I have no problem putting in some effort as you point out, but that’s 2 days (one of which I work 10 hours) and 1000 pts is a single class change, one time, That in no way promotes experimenting or learning about new classes. If this is indeed the only event that includes reset points involved in them adding the new classes, then my note most definitely DOES apply. There are 5 new classes for the 5 trees that you only have somewhat of an idea where the synergies may be. Also, every other addition or major changes to classes had reset events such as reset npc helper. Sometimes limited to the effected classes or sometimes in general, but it’s been everytime. Why the sudden money-grab now after you’ve gotten the playerbase accustomed to it? Anyways I’m now actually just hoping it’s an incomplete patch note.

sry for asking but for the starting of new incoming class and alot of changing

what we get is self service event class point x5, which we can farm maximum point class 1k per week only and we need test everything in every class

we have to wait 2 week for reset 2class with using event self service. not funny joke for me

i hope they just forget but wont forget reset helper npc when sv up

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Seems like iToS will not enjoy the privilege of having an ARTS reset event that KToS had

Announcements keep coming… so maybe there will be a reset NPC after all. We’ll have to wait to see after maintenance is complete.

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ok i found it
as appreciate thank you for hard working


Wow so many updates. I’m glad it was just omitted at first :smiley:

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