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Terramancer theorycrafting

I was thinking about the new best builds for Terramancer in PVE.

I think elementalist would have good sinergy because of stone curse, storm gust and elemental essence.

What could be the third class in this build? Maybe Taoist for the damage buffs?

Look at the curse skill CD,it’s wayyyyy too long so that shouldn’t be the reason.The Elemental Essence isn’t that good.

Best build is Tao/Ele/Terra or Pyro/Tao/Terra

Or some other builds


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In my opinion the classes that will work well with Terramancer are Elementalist, Rune Caster, Taoist, Pyromancer, Chronomancer and Onmyoji.

Elementalist: The petrification synergy is not very relevant, as the cooldown and target limit on Stone Curse sucks. Elemental Essence is not very good, on top of being very annoying to re-cast every 20sec. What needs to be kept in mind is that Terra is very focused on single-target, while Ele has a lot of AoE. Which means they complement each other well.

Rune Caster: The big thing here is the -50% mdef from Rune of Destruction, which should let you do great burst dps. Also has some AoE to complement Terra, which is nice.

Chronomancer: Quickcast makes Terra skills more comfortable to use. That being said, the cast times of Terra skills are pretty short already (with the exception of Rolling Stone, but I honestly don’t know if Quickcast even affects it). Chronomancer also helps with survivability, which is nice.

Pyromancer: Just like Elementalist, Pyro has good AoE while Terra has good single-target.

Taoist: Tri-disaster does not work with earth property skills, which is a bummer. BUT, Lightning charm does. Lightning Charm is essentially a +32% dps increase (40% chance of dealing 80% extra dmg). However, while Tao doesn’t have much to do with Terra, it has with Elementalist/Pyro, meaning builds like Tao-Pyro-Terra and Tao-Ele-Terra should work well. In a way, you could say Tao is the “binder” that brings everything together nicely.

Onmyoji: Again, just like Pyro and Ele, great AoE to complement Terra’s lacking AoE. Has the biggest AoEs, and possibly the highest dps? (I haven’t done the math)

A few builds I think will be fun to play:

I think I’ll go Tao-Chrono-Terra myself. Is it the best build? No. But I just play builds which seem fun, not the meta.

Overall I don’t see Terra being a meta class at all, Tao-Pyro-Ele, Tao-Ele-Onmyo and similar builds will probably stay on top of wizard meta anyway.
I think Terramancer is dissapointing. While the class has good skill factors, it just doesn’t fit very well… and on top of that, the skills just look really ugly and unimpressive… I’ll still play it anyway, can’t be worse than Shadowmancer LOL


I find it sad because when I think of terra I imagine we could’ve had an emphasis on the petrify status to amplify fire and psycho damage kinda like the blind effect amplifies dark damage and have good synergy with pyro, ele, kino.

But instead we have a class with generic skills, no synergy with the rest of wizard tree, no fun possible but will probably be carried by its stupidly high SFs+additional damage attribute.

0/10 would not play.


It has like no synergy with other classes. Would love some Petrification synergy but Petrification sucks. I’ll probably just go with Terramancer - Runecaster - Onmyoji just for a Earth Theme mage.

They really need to revamp the animations. How do you go from Onmyoji which has such beautiful skills and AOE to this. Onmyoji you have a Wide Screen Tiger Roar, a Half Screen Wipe Water Bullets, A beautiful Tree that sucks monsters in, a Half Screen Earthquake skill, and a spinning Black and White Circle of DOOM plus a cute fox.

Then you have Terramancer, which has a Firewall knockoff, Eradication brown version, Snow Rolling Rock version, Fireball rock version. Like IMC did you even put in any effort?


I would go: cryomancer - terramancer - onmyoji.

We have ice, fire and earth properties. I’d love an air themed wizard <3 In this case, I guess lightning will switch the element wind/air. image

Of course, something different from krivis and elementalist >_<"

So we could combine earth + fire and ice + lightning combos. ^^

Taoist skills are lightning

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Made a video of a Terramancer build a friend recommended. Terramancer - Taoist - Elementalist. Posting here for people searching for Terra builds

Onmyoji alternative