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Tenant Farmer Weiss dialogue

Three things here, two are minor to make lines sound better and the other is a typo.

In the first sentence, “If we don’t listen to them, I am sure that they will ask for more bribes.”
You can make this sound more natural in english by removing the bolded word.

In the second sentence, “Instead of starving to death, we are risking their lives.”
The italicized word is a typo. He is referring to himself and the other farmers, and it should be “we are risking our lives.”

The third sentence, “The old days were much better when his son was the owner.”
This sentence can be improved by rearranging the words “The old days when his son was the owner were much better.”

During the next beta I will pay more attention to the dialogue. I’m sure I can find countless things like this for you guys to fix =p

Thanks for the help. Fixed.

It’d be helpful for us if you can catch problems with the quest button choices and see if they are OK or not. Those we couldn’t work on in KCBT.

Don’t dwell too much on “sounding right” and stuff 'cause that’s subjective and the lines are not permanent (IMC changes the sentences almost bi-monthly, thats why you see NODATA 20151102 <- Nov 2)

LOL. Yeah, I had been mostly letting stuff go up until now, but when I looked, just about nobody was reporting anything, so I guess I might as well do it.

Looks better with commas here “The old days, when his son was the owner, were much better.”

Similarly, they could of just done this,

“The old days were much better, when his son was the owner.”