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Temporary Maintenance - November 20, 2020

LoL i think some one press the wrong button and reset everything…and now they are desperate to get it back :laughing::laughing:
And rest assure guys MORE EXP TOME AWAITS IN YOUR INBOX!!!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the Crescent Packages (from the previous TP sale) gave out 18+ pieces of Sole Hunt Vouchers.

I doubt IMC will ever admit it, because “saving face”. :stuck_out_tongue:

well that would explain all the luciferi made in 2 days.
yes yes, there the leticia cubes, but be real now.

Greetings, Saviors!

due to technical issues, after hours work, and few numbers of dev, unfortunately we have to extend the temporary maintenance until 1st January 2021

Happy New Year!

yikes XD some guys got rich so fast

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Happy Anniversary!!!

I heard early this year alot of ppl getting thanosed, because of some exploit

Will it happen again?

Tels thanosed (2020 edition)

by “playing the game” to be specific.

Tell me about it

Im curious

EDIT: while this topic is still hot… EXCHANGE SHOP UPDATE WHEN? Its not fair when i see some player with exotic items but it has label [Exchange Shop] in front of the item, i have 10K medals getting dusty in my storage

Picture this… You wake early, do all your home tasks and then go to work, you get back from work and can’t wait to login and release some of the daily stress just to get greeted with a “Ah! Hello! No game for you! Byeee!!”

… I am going to bed… F this…

read from " The start of the “2020 IS HERE” Event: " section


tos wont relieve your stress
unless you afkpopo in ch1
wearing premium costume
all shiny gears
turn off in game music
and play some soothing mp3
then fall asleep
then you are in the rite direction

Servers are up. You already know it’s gonna be timed tomes.

you already know


is this for 64 bit update?