Templar with March 2019 patch


With the new patch, does Templar finally able to use other class skills on normal mount/horse?
It wasn’t in the patch notes, but that does not mean they could left it out. Hackapell got its class icon updated too and that wasn’t in the patch notes either.


Templar can use skills on normal mount now that it couldn’t before but haka doesn’t work on horse but I think you can’t use haka skills on horse on ktos either.


Thank you, exactly the answer i was looking for.


just one more info, now you can use Swash Buckling on your horse


is there any build viable with templar for pvp after the changes? like retiari lancer templar? I want to be templar because I want to do a guild with my friends but I want something useful


You can make a Templar-Cata-Lancer for boss figth and Pvp
If you want to be more tankier Templar-Pelta-Lancer


wouldnt be better templar hop lancer? I want a more viable build for pvp/gvg but still useful in pve


cata has more cc than hop.


for gvg templar has a more buff/tank/cc role