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Templar Skill Questions

Do templar buffs work on themselves? And also do you get the extra buff effects if you are using another mount other than the templar horse? And how good is the forge skill damagewise? Appreciate any help on these questions.

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Yes and everyone of the guild you are in, plus party members.

No, those extras effects are part of the horse skill itself.

Less than normal attacks even when you fully upgrade its enhance passive and almost sure they removed the micro stagger from the hits(never noticed them anymore).
Some extra info that makes the skill a mess:

  • Leveling it will only increase the duration;

  • The damage scales with your main physical damage AND your magic attack(it sets on summon, after that you can switch gear/weapons). SPR affects it too.

I hope that helped. :haha:
As an extra: Do not level up Mortal Slash. The skill SFR is the same since Rebuild… (its sooooooooooo outdated that shop Blessing gives more damage)

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Thanks for clearing that up. Unfortunately I made the mistake of leveling up mortal strike. It’s so bad. I dont know why they dont buff the only 2 offensive skills for Templar.

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