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Templar Needs More

Templar is odd. I love half the abilities and some feel out of place. I love the auras and buffs. The mortal slash and forge abilities feel out of place thematically, though I understand why they’re there from a game design perspective. Mortal slash doesn’t fit thematically because the theme of Templar is around buffing a group and gvg and pvp utility. Mortal Slash feels lacking in pve compared to other classes single target skills. Either Mortal Slash needs a buff in raw damage or it needs to grant some buff or debuff for further support. The forge is great in terms of utility and feel but doesn’t fit roleplay wise. Switching it to “archer tower” and adding an archer on top firing arrows would add a lot to the feel of the skill. The horse is fun but it’s usefulness in combat is frustratingly low. The horse skill overall is something that is almost great but frustratingly not. That would be easily fixed by allowing the use of other mounted combat skills while riding (such as lancer skills.) Templar would benefit from a summoning skill. Give them a skill called conscript and have it summon a soldier(basically a re-skin skeleton soldier). The summon can benefit from the auras of the templar, and the summon will serve to further the fantasy of being a leader. There are many summon based items in the game and I would love to see them find use outside of summoner wizards.

I love the idea behind Templar and I want to see the class rise in pve use.

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