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Templar needs help

From outdated SFRs attacks and buffs, to useless mechanics like the Horse and Forge, Templar is in a poor shape and IMC continues to ignore the poor thing.

The class needs some help and needs it’s use expanded more than GvG. Give it the sword/shield treatment and make it a support/dps class.

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Yep Templar is a forgotten class along side Squire and Alchemist. I don’t see why they did not change the SFR on any of the opportunities they had, even when they changed the “ignore armor” aspect on Mortal slash it was only a change to stay the same wet noddle…

I have high hopes that the Templar Rework will come along the GTW rework that’s also on a bad state where its resumed into a big king of the hill along some crystals that only benefits “attacking guilds”.

Templar? You mean shield charger?

Also Flying Colors. Do not forget the Crit chance.

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