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Templar Issues and Suggestions discussion

Now that Templar is out for some time and the first balance patch has reach us and seeing that they indeed have made changes helping hackapell. I think we can start to make some feedback pointing things for imc to change or balance on this gvg focused class called Templar.

For starters i will first list the actual skill set then pointing some pros, cons and finally leaving a survey so that we can know what you guys think.

I will use as source for the descriptions and formulas of the skills.
If you want to see more details click on the triangle.

Introducing the Class

image Templar
Description: “Templars are former clergymen that have been secularized to answer directly to the King during the reign of King Rael. They became renown for their services during the War of the 2nd Succession where they fought fiercely in support of King Gliehel. Because of this, the Templars are given authority over all other military personnel by law during times of war.

On short terms this class is made for middle and large scale war zones (pvp).
Role: Support (Keep this in mind)

Now time for the skills:

Mortal Slash

image Mortal Slash [Slash] - [Physical]-[Can be used mounted] (Max level: 15)
Skill Factor: 148+(skill_level-1) * 4.9 x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: Player_Aoe_Attack+2
Reduces Cooldown by 10% per party member.
Ignores 50% defense on PvP.
Deals extra damage on enemies affected by Advanced Orders Debuff. (Near +30%)
CD:30s OH:5 SP:70
Passive: Mortal Slash: Enhance

This skill is a frontal 3 slash attacks. The time it takes to cast all the 5 overhits by spamming is around 8.8s making the total cast time like 1.75s. This skill is slow.
A wierd interaction that i discovered is that if you use Mortal Slash with a Rapier the character animation becomes a lot faster but the total cast time keeps the same, sometimes on combat it becomes faster indeed.


  • Ignores defense in PvP.
  • Low cooldown.
  • Average SP consumption.


  • Really slow cast time.
  • Low damage output per time.
Non-Invasive Zone

image Non-Invasive Zone [Buff]- [Physical]-[Can be used mounted] (Max Level: 5)
Duration: 10s
Number of Pushes: 5+(skill_level * 2)
Consumes 42+(skill_level * 2) sp per second
While Horse Riding Allies under it receives 25% less damage.
CD: 40s SP: 179
No Passives

The Pushes can be ignored by buffs that ignores knock back and knock downs. If you get hit by any crowd Control the channeling cancels.
The damage reduction is visible.


  • Can reduce damage on allies.
  • Creates a zone with no enemies.


  • Can be easily canceled.
  • You have to be in the middle of the crowd.
  • High SP consumption.

image Forge [Physical]-[Can be used mounted] (Max Level: 15)
Summon Skill Factor: 73+ 0*(Skill_level-1)
Forge Duration: 50+Skill_Level * 2
Requires Forge x1
Duration is halved on pvp.
Detects hidden enemies.
CD: 2min SP: 186
Passive: Forge: Enhance

You place a mini tower that hits every 1s the nearest enemy and reveals cloaked and invisible units. Is a Structure.


  • Reveals invisible enemies.
  • The Forge attack do a mini stagger.
  • Can tank some target skills.


  • Low duration.
  • Low Range.
  • Ridiculously low damage.
Shield Charger

image Shield Charger [Buff]-[Physical]-[Can be used mounted] (Max Level: 15)
Shield Amount: 10+(Skill_Level * 2) % of caster’s HP
Shielded Allies: 5
Duration: 60s
Requires Shield Charger x1
CD: 2min SP: 186
Passive: Shield Charger: Enhance

You place a Holy Grail and Near guild members receives a Shield based on your health.
The amount of shield don’t get bigger if you are under max health boosts like ein sof and squire foods.


  • Gives a big shield.
  • Decent duration and cooldown.


  • The amount of shield do not scale with max health buffs.
  • Can affect up to 5 members.
Horse Riding

image Horse Riding [Buff]-[Physical]-[Piercing] (Max Level: 1)
Movement Speed: +5
You Gain Pain Barrier.
Cooldown applies after dismounting the horse.
Territory Wars Bonus

  • Attacking the Spot: allies recieve additional GTW points.
  • Defending the Spot: further reduces GTW points for enemy guilds
    If Hard Shield buff is active, its duration becomes infinite. If Horse Riding is discontinued Hard Shield cancels automatically.
    CD: 30s SP: 64

This skill gives some significant buffs for pvp and some guild situations.
Its a bit faster than companions.
And you can only use Templar skills plus swash Buckling.


  • Give a lot of extra effects on templar skills.
  • Infinity Hard Shield.


  • You can only cast some skills.
  • The horse only have 4 animations: Idle, Running, Walking and Casting some skills.
Advanced Orders

image Advanced Orders [Buff]-[Physical]-[Piercing]-[Only while mounted] (Max Level: 10)
Duration: 10s
Ally Movement Speed: + Skill_Level
Enemy Movement Speed: - Skill_Level
While Horse Riding, monsters get threatened under Advanced Orders debuff.
Do not stack with Battle Orders.
CD: 20s SP: 154

The Area is quite big (150 units). It helps with moving from spot to spot and chasing down enemies.


  • Boosts mov speed on allies and slow enemies.
  • Decent duration and cooldown.


  • Low amount of mov speed.
  • Can only be used while mounted.
Battle Orders

image Battle Orders [Buff]-[Physical]-[Piercing]-[Only while mounted] (Max Level: 10)
Duration: 30s
Damage: +Skill_Level * 1.5 %
Damage in PvP: + Skill_Level * 3 %
While Horse Riding Increases AoE attack Ratio by 1 on allies.
Do not stack with Advanced Orders.
CD: 40s SP: 179
Passive: Battle Orders: Enhance

I m not sure if the damage in PvP adds up to the normal damage or it just overlay the normal buff.
More damage usually means an upper hand in a team fight.
Has the same are as Advanced Orders.(150 units)


  • Great damage boost for crowds.


  • Can only be used while mounted.
Flying Colors

image Flying Colors [Buff]-[Physical] (Max Level: 5)
Duration: 15 s
Ally Critical Rate: + Skill_Level * 8
Damage Received in PvP: - Skill_Level * 5
Enemy Critical Resistance: - Skill_Level * 8
While Horse Riding applies an extra 10% damage reduction in PvP.
CD: 1min SP: 166
Passive: Flying Colors: Enhance

This skill is a monster, almost everyone will get the 50% critical chance cap under the effect of Flying colors.
The range is 150 units, same as the auras.


  • Great boost for critical chance.


  • Low duration.

The class in general:

  • Can boost a lot of players with auras.
  • Have some compatibility with other mounted classes. That means every skill can be used mounted, except Horse Riding.
  • Good looking.
  • Have a Horse.


  • I can name a couple other support classes that can do an damage output way bigger even on pvp than templar.
  • Lacks synergy with other classes narrowing the builds to Peltasta-Templar-Filler.

Now that i have put all my thoughts i will leave a survey of what you thing Templar needs to be more balanced and fun to play. (You can choose up to 2 options)

  • More Damage.
  • More synergy with other classes.
  • More Resources while riding the horse.
  • Change some skills.
  • Rework/Buff some of the old skills (Mortal Slash, Forge or Shield Charger).
  • New mechanics or interactions.
  • Fix the horse.

0 voters

If you have any idea or suggestion feel free to leave as a reply.

At last i will leave some personal suggestions of what they could change:

  • Making Mortal Slash affected by attack speed and changing the skill factor from 148+4.9 * (Skill_Level - 1) to 163 + 6.4 * (Skill_Level - 1).

  • Reworking the Forge to something like making it spawning 2 guards to help guarding the area or simply giving any reason i would invest more than 1 point on it.

  • Making possible to use short duration buffs while Horse Riding plus legendary set effect skills.

  • Make Advanced orders be able to use on foot even if it means half the Radius.

  • Giving the Horse a jump animation.

:satisfaction:Thanks for the attention on this long post.


The whole horse thing is just dumb, it completely locks out all other classes except hard shield lol, just make it act like being mounted on a companion.
I like templars theme as an AoE buffer, but i feel like it could use 1 more aoe buff, or some reworks to their non-aura skills.


My sugestion:

Remove the mounted only from Advanced Orders and Battle Orders.
PS: When used on foot it loses 100 range (it gets 50, as it was primarily in ktest)

This change solves almost 100% Templar incompatibility problems.
IMC tries to create Templar interactions with Fencer, but Fencer can not use any skill mounted (for example).
Many builds would become viable with this change.


I really like this sugestion. Making the buffs work on foot would make Templar work with basically any build.

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just make the damn horse compatible with hackapell so i can do Hacka Pelta Templar as a tank.

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if we can get around 30 voters i think it will be a reasonable feedback.
And yeah, almost every complain is about how the horse throws :poop: at the rest of your build.

Well, we got 31 votes!
I think we have the opinion of every Templar left in the game :smirk:

Templar Plate Mastery
Now also allows Advanced Orders and Battle Orders to be used without riding your horse

God Blessed us.