Templar any good?


Just wondering if Templar is any good currently? I’m running hop > cata > lancer but I do a lot of guild events and almost only party with guild members so I’m wondering if the Templar buffs are good endgame? What do they offer as a class? Are they even viable in the build I have?

Worth mentioning I’m not mad level yet don’t think I’d change a class to Templar until I feel I no longer benefit enough for it, if that even happens. I do enjoy my setup


I like my Templar but I haven’t played it in a while cause am questing up a new character :confused:


With the recent patches do you know if say cataphrapht, hoplite or lancer skills work on the horse ? Or Templar skills work on normal mount?


The horse locks all skill but templar ones, but templar skills are working with normal mounts