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Templar any good?


Just wondering if Templar is any good currently? I’m running hop > cata > lancer but I do a lot of guild events and almost only party with guild members so I’m wondering if the Templar buffs are good endgame? What do they offer as a class? Are they even viable in the build I have?

Worth mentioning I’m not mad level yet don’t think I’d change a class to Templar until I feel I no longer benefit enough for it, if that even happens. I do enjoy my setup


I like my Templar but I haven’t played it in a while cause am questing up a new character :confused:


With the recent patches do you know if say cataphrapht, hoplite or lancer skills work on the horse ? Or Templar skills work on normal mount?


The horse locks all skill but templar ones, but templar skills are working with normal mounts


Templar is for GVG and guild content only.


Templar is a must for gvg and boruta, battle orders and flying colors buff all the guilds members in range.


:hey: You still can do normal PVE stuff with your templar.
It will be more Party oriented but it works just fine.


i care to disagree, the new templar can now share buff with party regardless of guild affiliation like back in the old days Owo

you give your party
damage buff or speed buff
crit buff
hp buff
def buff


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annnd you have pretty much 200 other better options.


if options were a problem no one would eat pizza with so many better options :smirk: