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Telsial server DG and saus bug


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11:44am 2/01/2019
Server Name:
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Bug Description :
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Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. dg not refresing
  2. saus not refreshing
  3. fix i wait 2 days still the same bug

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pls fix fast imc imccccccccccccc


plsss fix fast imcccccccccccc


same i thought only me …fix this imc lol


still same problem, same error code, no dg reset.


Problem still persist

Reappear after login today and it did not appear when 1st time login after maintenance


Hey guys.

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.
We will be looking into the issue to fix it ASAP and also, while we’re at it, we just wanted to ask if Silute players are still experiencing the issue?

If there are any players on Silute please let us know in the thread.


Server: Silute
The error doesn’t show on my character anymore but only tomorrow I will confirm if Saalus and Dungeon were reset.


Hello guys,

First of all sorry about the trouble you are facing with the dungeon reset issue.
Our devs are currently working very hard to get to the bottom of the problem.

But for now, all Telsiai(and possibly Silute) players who are facing this problem please send us a ticket in the following format


Please remember to include your SERVER and Team Name in the ticket and we will compile the tickets to provide players facing the issue with compensation.


ok thanks… but is this will fix next Tuesday update?


It seems Silute doesn’t have this bug anymore or it’s just my character that is okay now. Everything (Saalus and Dungeon) was reset for me.