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[Telsiai'd Again] Arbor Day Attendance 4th Day

Are you being serious now imc? Do you expect everyone come back and open your precious game before 4pm in our time?

STEP 4. Attendance Check ArborDay

On 22th, literally there is no reward and we though its gonna get pushed to the next day so i though its just fine.

On 26th, literally the most important stuffs gathered and you decide anyone who works will not be able to get the damn reward? Just because of the TIME ZONE ■■■■ again?

Its not like we did not play your game, most of the Telsiai stuff happens after 9pm gmt+8, and you literally make half of the Telsiai playerbase unable to get the reward? OK you can get the reward somhow but literally a UI that is not tally with the actual system?

TL;DR : Can you just use Burning Weekend npc appear timers for Telsiai please?

The timing shown in the game vs the timing in which the rewards were given are different.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink: