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[Telsiai] WolfpackLV2

We’re a small guild of Australian players who know each other IRL and would like to extend an invitation
to casual PvE players in a relaxed environment. Come learn tree of saviour with us today!

Drop in on the stream sometime Dougz

Contact Gentle_Rain in game for more info :ok_hand:

Info at a glance:

  • Guild Name: WolfpackLV2
  • Server: Telsiai
  • GM Team Name: Gentle_Rain
  • Membership: Currently a small group of 15~ guildies
  • We’re a newly created guild of casual PvE learning/returning/levelling players and hope to branch out into more content with experience

Hello savior! :slight_smile:
Here is the notice for Guild event! Please write more information and take rewards!

@Staff_Jin , I need you to analyze an IMC error in Silute [SA]
Please follow your private message box

@Staff_Jin updated, thanks for the suggestion!