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TELSIAI TBL funneling at its finest (from Top Guild)

  • Reason for report : TBL funneling using 5 afk account.

  • Server : TELSIAI

  • Team Name : MOoNoiiz (Main Account), MOoYuI, CoEie, NIDNOI, NOoNiD, Rum-Raisin

  • Location : TBL

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : April 05, 2020 - 5:00pm SGT (TBL time)

  • Evidence

First of all, I don’t have beef for this particular player or the guild he is in to. I just find his behavior dirty, ruining other players play.
I’m not even sure if this is illegal, but it makes me uncomfortable, and I think this is worth sharing.
Also, i feel bad for those serious TBL players who got caught up in their(his) queue

So here it is:

Suspicious Players: (or id say, suspicious account since i know only one player is using all this)

  • MOoYuI (MOo)
  • CoEie (Holy)
  • MOoNoiiz (Gin)
  • NIDNOI (MOo)
  • NOoNiD (MOo)
  • Rum-Raisin (MOo)

its monday, ranking just reset, and no one plays TBL during this early week.
What a perfect time to funnel your main account using 5 other accounts.

Last week, for sometime, those Names are at the top(got kicked out tho when the real tbl players grind)
I find it hilarious coz they all got resemblance in names and classes so i thought it was 6 real person sharing weird name and class fetish. I tried to stalk them but sadly, they weren’t online that time.

And for this first day of TBL reset(this week, monday), I kinda want to farm class points so i checked if there are players queueing - i know there wont be any coz players tend to play later week…but what a surprise, i caught those army playing.
I first spectate to see how this buddies play and guess what, all suspected players are just afk standing except one: MOoNoiiz

I spectate the next round again - same thing is happening. Then suddenly one of the spectators(i thought im the only spectator) call out the behavior buy normal chatting “funnel” or something like that, cant remember the exact chat.

I waited for the next round, but no one queued anymore. Might be because someone called-out and they got busted.
Then i stalk their profile:
image image
image image
image image

Yep definitely funnel. One character, full geared, max level, and only one moving…while others just barely touched lvl400 requirement, ungeared and AFK for all rounds.

There are 2 real players who got caught up with his shenanigans which you can see from the first screenshot. I bet he didnt expected that lol since no one is supposed to play TBL atm. I felt bad for that PSz dude coz he got teamed with afk accounts twice lol.

Like what i said from the start, i dont know if this is illegal but its definitely ruining other player’s gameplay (RIP PSz).
The dude is part of the biggest, whalest, strongest guild in TELS: YN
Im sure they are aware of this since most of them are competing and rankers on TBL, and im not sure why they tolerate this garbage strategy. It already happened two consecutive weeks so this is definitely tolerated.

To MOoNoiiz: u already whale, if you want to rank, GIT GUD
To YN: No offense, Im mentioning your guild since it is unlikely to have this garbage strat from one of your members…specially you are the top guild on Tels, you should come clean

PS: I searched “MOonNoiiz” in this forum and found out that the dude has so many history on botting activities before lol


New drama episode. gotta reserve my front seat row

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imma leave this comment here a bit… gonna buy some popcorn first.

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maybe they farming wins, for this recent achievement :crossed_fingers:
since some ppl are serious in collect all achievements and stuffs

but might be more serious problem, like actually funneling TBL rewards (is it even tradable?)

brb, grabbing popcorn

@Shalala all’s well, ends well?

i dont know man…seems like it is discussed under the table to dodge this topic.
Not even a single soul from YN commented anything.

I guess all’s well, end’s well…but atleast i shared my view.

PS: i just found out that PSz is also from YN…so this might be just a routine for them lol

yea sure , that is botting in TBL