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Telsiai seems down

Or just on my part? can’t seem to login … get to lodge … before this the channels all became white from 2-8 in klai …


Probably server problems again. It happened for the past weeks or so for Tels server.

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Finally managed to enter the game at last but … LAG FEST zzzzzz server needs to do a quick reset … too laggy to play …

i stll cant get in :tired:

same, im locked out of the server selection screen … zzz


Seems like commander E is doing another random visit :3 …


glad it wasn’t just me

its down earlier…and its down again.
IMC no love for whalest server

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well, it really is down for now XD

want to play valheim instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t even log into char select. This is new level of down we haven’t see in quite some time.

huhuh Commander is back!

:sad: wanted to play tonight oh wells…

managed to get in but i feel trapped in this 1 channel … afraid to move to another …

That commander thingy it seem gonna be weekly gimmick made specially for tel server…

lol definitely weird that only telsiai had so many problems with the server like that.o.O

Tels is apparently running at different update level than other region.

if you look at Oracle master, obsolete stat like silver gained are not available in Tels anymore, but still available in the other servers.

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