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[Telsiai] RoCkOfAgEs, King of Baubas Macro

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : RoCkOfAgEs

  • Location : Baubas Cave ch2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 9pm SVT

  • Evidence

i thought this guy already banned before
even crafted this, and a few days ago shouting demon lord ignas lv5 card, and maybe other stuff.

here he is reported from before Report [SEA] Telsiai Bot report # 1

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Inconsistent punishment by IMC once again.

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Hello @nxscythelynz , we will look into the user’s activity and if the user is indeed a bot, we will take the necessary measure against the user.

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Still alive and breathing

Why such a swift and decisive bean on NA drama-related bokors, while our SEAmonkey bokors roam free. Can you guys ever be consistent…

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he’s still there Baubas Ch 2. tried interacting with him to no avail



i already gave up on reporting this macro player … the punishment not severe enough to warrant my time roaming around and taking picture… :tired:

just keep trying, trust me, there is a perma ban from several temporary ban. if you stop now, it will keep cont.:kissing_heart: