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[telsiai] *rmt seller lucky9 maharlika guild*

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He showed me his character with a screen shot but he whited out his name but i managed to track him because he said he was in maharlika guild i ask a few people who’s a cleric from maharlika guild then they pointed me to him, after that i inspected his character LUCKY9 which has the same items as this guy who was selling 200m silver in php. pls ban this guy thank you

Are you a silver buyer? @pinakuratnaburat


So you’re basically saying you’re buying his silver lmao

Greetings Savior,

We will investigate the reported player, and apply sanctions if proven to violate the terms and conditions of the game. However, we would also like to remind everyone not to participate on illegal RMT Silver transactions to avoid receiving sanctions.

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Not advocating such activities but for those who understands this meme

Well if this turns into a trend at least half of the top 10% players participate in some kind of illegal trade
IMC have never done something about lmao, in a very weird way these people also contribute to keep the servers alive cuz they are active and amongst the ppl who most spend $$$ on the game.
Some people got messages to stop doing RMT and all that but they are only trully banned if they are very very sloppy and obvious.

Also this accused person are not very smart or trust people alot to recriminate himself like that or he just don’t care like others doing the same thing.

i am not buying his silver… we are in a facebook group then he suddenly message me if i wanted to buy silvers…so i investigated further to catch this crook

you’re just saying “you wanted to buy but almost got scam or it was too expensive, so you report him instead…”

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