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[Telsiai] Nefritas Cliff BOT

  • Server : [SEA] Telsiai

  • Team Name :
    Nefritas Cliff CH 1

  1. cecari
  2. rafero
  3. sahepo
  4. ahudoh
    Nefritas Cliff CH 2
  5. novada
  6. vixida
  7. awapit
  8. sucado
  9. fehexo
  • Location : Nefritas Cliff CH 1 & CH 2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : I found them at SGT 04:00 AM Server Time

  • Evidence

Also they keep making new ones, so please check out their IP too I guess.

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same looks with this one, i think its the same person

@staff_bob @GM_Francis
any chance you can look into the IP addresses of the people that do this instead of just banning these accounts for 2 weeks?

hi sky :v, hope they get banned

oh hi there boss xD (20 charrr)

Oh hey i’m the ranger on your screenshot lol, they have been there for 2-3 days i think. I know this since i’ve been rerolling classes for the pass week and i haven’t seen them before monday i think. I reported them only through in-game, you did a good thing tho.

Hello Skykyrie,

Thank you for reporting this, rest assured that we will investigate these accounts.