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Telsiai Lucky Server Break

Is the server ok or got a server break event nyaaa?
Or am I the only one who get an error nyaaa?

I got commander error too.

First I can’t buy fish bait nyaaa
Then I can’t pick up badges nyaaa
Then finally commander error nyaaa
So we really have a lucky server break event nyow

yeah happened several times during Joint Strike and now after GTW. kek.
IMC server is dumb.

Enjoy your ToS vacation

our server hamster is dead need new replacement xD

Nice one imc great job commander is back!!!

Don’t bother, it’s a normal routine of IMC’s hamster-powered server every Sunday, take note of that. This happens most of the time every week on Sundays.

GTW and Joint strike are just aweful. You can barely move. Upgrade the server IMC

It feels like the server gets downgraded with each passing week.