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Telsiai lagging?

i returned playing this game, i used to play in telsiai and i get 120ping
what are other people ping like?
now wen i come back it goes to 250 and spike up to 700 wtf?

is it because of this server merge i see in the announcement
or is server just lagg? i dont know… i want to play but seem like game doesnt want me to come back lol

anyway bye bye.

If you are facing intense lag, please feel free to inform us of the map name, channel, and time so that we can double check the issue. :blush:

hello, i restart new so im playing from the very 1st map, west siauliai wood, i think the time was 9:02, i tested both channel and i was still lagg, i dont think this is the cause. because only 5 or 6 players in that map at the time

but i fix the lagg with VPN called mudfish, i didnt have to do this before, i wonder why now.

Hi, Just want clarification that this just happened to me earlier. My class is SR so an AA and the the latency shown on the game does not match what I am experiencing. My dex is at 380 and I attack fast but just this afternoon my chat was delayed, my skills cast is delayed, I target mobs slow and most of all I attack very slow. When I type

//ping I get 0.332947 which was i think normal, I can’t play up to now I am having a terrible experience.

.332947 is in seconds delay or 332.942 milliseconds. That latency is hard to play especially if you’re a dex.