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[Telsiai] Espers

Guild Name: Espers
Server Name: Telsiai
Guild Master: Phixer
Size: Small guild with 14 members

Main interests:
The most casual of casual guilds!
We do weeklies and fish ><>
If you log in every once in a while to do random events or see whats happening, feel free to join!
If you’re looking for help progressing, this is not the place to get help gearing and clearing content.

Im looking for small, non tryhard, non pretentious guild where im actually not yet another cannon fodder member.

Do you do any GTW? I pefer a guild that has zero commitment toward pvp.

Tbh we have no commitment to anything lol. Just do the content that you want to do and have fun exploring the game.

Disclaimer: I’m pretty much the only active member, guild leader still logs on but is waiting for new updates with a specific class and the rest are alts or friends who tried the game and didn’t really like it. We’ve got friends that moved guilds to clear content, so if you still want to clear stuff such as CM7 we can drag em along XD.

PM me in-game Hailstorm if you’re interested! :satisfaction:


Can I please join your guild?

Much appreciated,