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[Telsiai] Demise Guild Lvl 15 - Close

Demise Guild - open for recruitments

We, Demise Leaders, would like to like to expand our little community as it has been our target for a while now. And we would like YOU to become one of us, have fun with us, raid with us, and just do all sort of things that we could do as a group. In this guild we don’t ask for things we provide them (obviously not materials things), just ask for assistance and assistance shall come to you.


  • Finished Episode 12 Quest
  • Dedicated in to Playing ToS
  • Can show up during Guild Mission/Raid (Specially Boruta Raids)
  • Semi-active in discord and in game
  • Continuously Aiming Further and Higher


  • Being in a group of people that always have fun
  • Helps you with information
  • Assist you in Raids, DG, CM, ET, and other activities
  • Will not leave you hanging

Core Founders of Demise Guild

iHD - [Guild Master]
Nocturne_Warlord - [Vice Guild Master]
Spar - [Vice Guild Master]
Chuberry - [Guild Sensei]
Nemina - [Guild Sensei]
4 asd

Guild Hangout

Very First Post-Boruta Raid

Just hit us up with those Whispers in-game and we shall do an interview. Or leave a reply below and we will get back to you! Thank you for your time!