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[Telsiai] CoffeeMilk

:hi: Welcome to our Cafe :distinguished:

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For Info Event :

  • Guild Name : CoffeeMilk
  • Server Name : Telsiai
  • Team Name of Guild Master : Matsunaga
  • Number of Guild members and size of the guild (Medium) (50/71 Member)
  • The main interest of the Guild (Boss Raid, Making Friends)

Well, we here just watching drama in telsiai all the time.
Not have spesial member, just casual Worker and we work together).
Just that i think for simple introduce.

Note : we not open recruitment for a moment.

Another Daily Activity we do :

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Greetings savior!
Thank you for your interest of our event!
Unfortunately the number of guild members is missing in the post.
Please fill in the information and take rewards!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the mistake, Ive changed the data, thanks for being reminded