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[Telsiai] Caravan

:distinguished: Welcome to Caravan All Traveler :hi:

For Info Event :

  • Guild Name : Caravan
  • Server Name : Telsiai
  • Team Name of Guild Master : Matsunaka
  • Number of Guild members and size of the guild (Medium) (56/80 Member)
  • The main interest of the Guild (Boss Raid, Making Friends)

Well, we here just watching drama in telsiai all the time.

Note : we not open recruitment for a moment.

Greetings, savior!
We really appreciate your participation in our event.
Unfortunately the number of guild members is missing.
So please write the information for rewards.
Thank you! :smiley:

Sorry for the mistake

I’ve changed the data

Thanks for being reminded :satisfaction:

No worries Matsunaga!
Thank you for your update! :slight_smile: