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[Telsiai] Bots everywhere from sausis 9 to valandis 91

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Prrotectorate

  • Location : Sausis room 9, Sausis room 10, Valandis 2, Valandis 3, Valandis 91

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 4-6pm EDT

  • Evidence BOTS ARE EVERYWHERE IN SAUSIS AREA, from sausis 9 to valandis 91, all using camps to warp and shops to repair. Instant warp with camp warp when a player comes by. All have the same items/accessories and using the same camp warps. Difficult to finish quests cause bots kill all the mobs. Returned to the area after a few hours and the same characters are still there

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There are 2 type bots is SR Hacking bot and stupid macro Necro. SR hacking bot More dangerous It able to hacking full screen AOE attack and teleport all map with out run/walking . that why no mob in the map

Hi @Protectorate_ENE,

Thank you for reporting, we will look into these players activity as soon as possible.

Ring ring, is dis taxi service, i nid u drive all fakin haxkin SR bot in irredian shelter away YwY

dont just stop at looking these player activity, trace the silver flow and better yet, caught the main culprit account and ban them permanenly

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@GM_Francis Indonesia Discord full of RMT… people selling silver like hotcake now. They don’t collect 10m 20m, it goes until 1b silver for sell. Why should I stay back do content when I can just run program and go to sleep?

Literally all maps above lv 250+ have bots in them.
This should enlighten us, the game condition. I’m starting to avoid spending unnecessary TP now.
Don’t seems to worth it now. Those bots easily collect millions silver in a day.
Some bots have the same owner just take a look at their equipment set up some nearly identical.
I suspect most of the whales you know in game actually those bots owner.

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actually its another way round. This people sell 100m in their stock to the whale. Instead of spending $360 USD on TP shop, they prefer just buy 1b silver. Whale capable to pay that and their choose to just buy the silver.

Yes, that’s an actual current price.

@GM_Francis , If you are taking action and banning them,
Please update their names in the BAN LIST …so that players and ppl who are reporting will know that u are TAKING ACTION and them taking their time to screenshot/Video ->making post and reporting did not go in VAIN…
Also number of Botters/Cheaters may Reduce if u keep TAKING STRICT ACTION and mentioning in forum how many ppl got banned

The BAN LIST is the news section is not been updated since Aug 2019.
Kindly update list of Botters/hakcers/Abusers if u r banning them…

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True there are RMT players that buy silvers instead. But that didn’t close the probability of someone to make bots not for RMT, but using the profit themselves.

Judging by the state of the bots infestations in this game, some bots even geared with harvest equipment just for botting.

Remove silver altogether from the field
Material drop from monster has no silver value to npc.
You get garbage, then garbage it will be.

No bot anymore… until they find out a way to do cm using bot.

At least if they want rmt, they will rmt gear and material, not server global currency.

With the amount of bots around the game and GMs cannot control them, I honestly feel stupid playing this game.

Horrible management. Maybe as long as people buy TP, it doesn’t really matter is it?

whales, rmt or they do botting. No one can know :rofl: