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Tels still under maintenance

Oh no, Experience Scrolls incoming for TelsSrver

image Telsiai alone

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Sad Oh my… Tomes again

20 characters

for once give us x8 tomes … 4pcs …


need 30 days token

At place during covid lockdown, when a business is “temporarily closing until further notice”, its just another way of saying we’re out of business and closing for good.

There goes our coins … sad times …

sad game …

running some quote here:


and… i hoping for not just EXP Tomes like usual, since new event involving AFK(Online) times too

edit: lmao

same reward even they mess big time like before, if you guys expecting nice reward its gonna be having x-mas present on April fools

Go in, its fixed :3 as usual xp tomes …

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