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Teleport bot, how hard to develop anti cheat?

  • Server : SEA Telsial

  • Team Name : Dulcea

  • Location : Taniel I Commerative Orb

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 12:00am

  • Evidence

they even setup a repair shop.

Hello @nhooix

Thank you for reporting and bringing this matter to us. We will investigate the reported player.

They won’t care, give it up. I’ve reported hacking robots many days ago and they haven’t taken any action. They will only give you a simple survey, that’s all.

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The hacking robot has invaded at least 80 maps, and you may not be able to find a monster with 100% exploration. It has super AOE and instantaneous movement. They are like the plague. No one cares about it, and no one can stop them. IMC may have been conquered by hackers, and they have no technology to fix the vulnerability.

the worst thing is that you waste your time going after taking a print posting here and not receiving a response u.u will the game have to reach the bottom with less than 1k of players for them to do something?

It is actually sad to literally see that these bots are more advanced than IMC making them look really helpless. Can always say investigate, but what happens after the investigation then?

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I think a way out would be to decrease the amount of silver that drops in fields since most of the real players do CM to farm since Cm is much more complicated to automate

for IMC bots are considered = players also … they add up to concurrent users hehehehehe

Nah its useles to report them, if the owner of the bot spent a big chunk of $$$ they most likely wouldnt get banned.

daily mercenary quest are practically in Hard mode because of this tele bots.