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Tel harsha boss mechanic guide

Do you guys have any guide of this boss?

@tomgo32000’s video:


Oh, nice!
Thank youu

Any idea how difficulty changes the patterns you get? Is this guide built along a difficulty of 7?

Looks like this boss will be way too hard for me (healer). I can barely defeat Amiss Dog lol (mainly due to lack of damage and can’t summon assister).


skip Candle Sniper pattern: -3 levels
skip Amiss Dog pattern: -2 levels
skip Heat pattern (natural loss of Ember stack): -1 level

And yes, it is Difficulty 7 in this video.

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Is that your only char? Time to make a DPS me thinks :wink:

[Tree of Savior] Sole Hunt - Tel Harsha Difficulty 7 (Channel Wizard)

Did a vid from perspective of channel wiz for tel harsha


Any idea how much critrate i should have for this boss? I’m barely seeing crits. :frowning:

depends on your class and build but if you have no critchance increasing buff then you need about 9300 critrate in F1 to max out critchance (60%) with double leather