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Tekei Shelter Quest Bug: Unable to Activate

Tekei Shelter Side Quest Bug; Cannot activate Quest action.
The Quest part: Creating Distractions, action Light the Sporigimo Flower

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : August 14, 2018 (PST) 20:30

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Chrysaint

Character Name: Nalesh

Bug Description : Near impossible to finish due to bug. Space button Select does not appear consistently to continue. Tekei Shelter: Cannot activate Quest action for part “Creating Distractions”; Light the Sporigimo Flower

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Start Tekei Shelter quest
  2. Reach quest part; “Creating Distractions”
  3. Place Flowers (Also have difficulties)
  4. “Light the Sporigimo Flower” space button will not appear consistently or never appear.

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode: Keyboard


  • CPU : Intel® Xeon® CPU
  • RAM : 8192MB
  • Graphics Card : AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
  • Mainboard : N/A
  • Storage : 256GB
  • OS : Windows 8.1
  • Internet Connection : Spectrum
  • Country, Region : USA, California

Hello lilblkrose!

Thank you for bringing up this concern. We are going to forward this to the proper department for them to further asses the issue.

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has this been solved im doing this quest and im having the same problem

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its definitely wobbly sometimes that it required me to get a perfect position for some quest
another one like this is the quest in OWD 14 which collect thing above the rocks
or one in parias forest that requires you to interact with a tree twice

The bug is that mouse marker doesn’t exist and you need to switch to keyboard… which could be stuck because a mob out of LOS is targeted. To fix this press the “re-target” button (tab I think) and see if the space marker appears. Need to be quick, as it could re-target something in the meantime.

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i have solve this problem, zoom in your camera, you will see the tiles better, thank me later.