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Technical issues with trade/market

Hello everyone, hope you doing fine!
I’ve started playing TOS in 03 apr 2016.
When I came back the game asked me to put a new Team Name. All my characters was there.
Been playing again for like 1-2 week with the same friend again. He got all the stuffs from returning/new user and I didn’t get the same.
His trade level is the same stage as mine. But i can’t trade or buy/sell in market. Our trade stage is 5, we just don’t have the revelations.
i get this message when trying to buy/sell in market, or trading another player:

“This function will be available after 20-06-22 20:28.”

This is a very hard to handle, playing without a trade/market is painfull.

How can I proceed? Tried to make a ticket but got nothing in the link from support page.

Just 1 more day :grin::grin::grin::grin: and you have to wait

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Really? so “22” in there is the day, not year? oh!
I hope so!

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Year/month/date :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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