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Team Name Help Please

Hello I’m a new player and am excited to try the game but I have been stuck for an hour making a friggin team name and I still cant find one. It is honestly getting tiring, is there a generator or something that can just give you an available team name. At this point, i’m probably not even gonna try the game anymore if i can’t even enter. I have even tried just typing randomly but it still doesnt work.

Have you ever made a team name before?

It’s possible that if you made one on an old server, such as Klaipeda, you are now trying to create an account on the new player server (Audra) which you cannot do. You’d need a new Steam account.

If you PM me on the forums what you’re trying to use on Klaipeda I can tell you if that name is taken.

I had made a team during the game’s launch before but I stopped playing after an hour at the time because my pc then had issues with the game. Now i have a new pc I’m eager to try the game again and i checked all the servers but it seems that i no longer have any teams on which is understandable. Sorry didn’t know how to pm on here.