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TBL rewamp or free arena

Current system really outdated and disappointing. Players that somehow love to PvP leaving the game after short period of play.
Not because game mechanic, but because PvP is have enormous time restrictions.

While PvE content is opened whole day(except new joint), PVP content simply unavailable, unless you have particular time window.
And also arena design didnt changed since beta.

Can we get kind of a free from ranking and time limits few arenas, like it was in Ragnarok? Just for fun, tests and hanging out


Yeah it’s disappointing how the state of PvP is currently

they realized pvp is the culprit where imbalance and meta feels even more vibrant thus more people start complaining about this issues then again imc will got more task of rebalancing to chill the f out whales who got their favorite build beaten and threatening them they will not buy the next cubes
history itself said that many classes/build who become pvp meta will become huge target of nerf and what made it worse is most of times the nerf also applied to pve
pvp is never really just for fun thing. its battle of 95% investment(time/money) 4% skills 1% luck

We already reconcile with fact of no balance, and just playing TBL really as it is.
Players just want arena that’ll be available all the time
Disagree about your percentage distribution btw
In my experience its: 20% skill, 20% game knowledge, 20% build, 20% gears, 20% luck

Well, Gear and build means a LOT nowadays, even if you don’t know a lot of what does what you will simply go the same way against someone that know every single bit of what to do when to do… skills means a lot the same as luck, i would shift to:
20% skill, 12% game knowledge, 23% build, 25% gears, 20% luck

i would shift to:
0.01% skill, 1% game knowledge, 48% build, 48% gears, 3.99% luck