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[TBL]Put a limit on Ressurection

Ok we all know that cleric is the favorite class of IMC devs, Tree of Clerics is a reality since the beggining, it’s ok really, I’m not here to criticize your decisions or anything, not crying or whining but you know, once you have to defeat the same assassin 5 times, yes FIVE times in a single round, because the priest keeps ressing him, you realize this is absolutely ridiculous, I don’t think you really understand how priest and plague doctor is really overpowered, but we, non cleric TBL players, have to face some situations that feels very unbalanced, so my suggestion is to make it a 1 time per round skill, yes, a priest can only ress the same person only one time, because 3, 4, 5 ,6 times this is insane.

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Thanks in advance

They are aware and working on it:


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, such a good news!