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TBL participation is at an all-time low even %-wise

And this was mostly caused by the completely dominance of Warlock/Shadowmancer builds.

Was this adressed in ktos at all or is everyone simply acting as if TBL is a content that was removed from the game.

also, while we’re at it, did they update TBL rewards in ktos?


TBL has been neglected for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

neglected yes but at least before we had people actively playing it, at the end of a week there were people at 2k+ rating
now we’re on sunday and top 5 has people with 1100 rating

Shadow/Warlock. Reitiarius/Lancer. Sheriff/Linker. doing pvp nowadays feels like walking on needles while on fire. :tired:
Its almost the same feeling as before rebuild when there was a sage infestation killing in one or two dimension compression…

why play something unbalance and that offers no rewards? just curious…


coz we’re not gonna win anyway…

Not playing TBL as long as shadow/kino/onmy exists. It is an auto-win if they get on team 2.

-No real rewards
-2 hours a day (unless you also want to queue another 2 hours at 4pm)

-Point system that relies on participation more than winrate (+~25 for a win, -10 for losing ?)

-No rewards (again)


Yes this sucks, it turns TBL into a grind. A grind for no reason other than temporary title and statue.

unbalanced pvp build xd

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Its still on Beta… :tired:

Exact reason why I personally don’t do pvp in ToS. I find no reason to do it

Originally the only pvp that was gonna be in the game were duels and guild wars. TBL was cheaply made and added to appease pvpers.

an mmo cant have balance pvp…

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Actually hold on why don’t we have 20 man battle royal? Lmao

1v1 isn’t all that ‘massive’ imo

While the base game is an mmo, this format isn’t any different than a fighting game lobby

Calm down guys, game is still in beta remember. ToS is just one long multi years beta test until it shuts down.


besides theres no reward and its a whale arena
try joining for the first time, get paired with veterans when you lose, someone will pm you trashtalking you for being a newbie in TBL(happened twice already on my guildmate , different players too.) - telsiai server here ayyyy lmao. cant even enjoy trying things out

LOL I giggled like a little boi

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