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Tao's lightning charm

Hi, does anyone know how the skill works?

It’s just a buff that gives you extra damage to your lightning based charms.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Do u know how it works exactly? The description says that every tao spell i cast has a chance of dealing additional 65% additional lightning property damage. Lets say im casting creeping death charm, does it mean that all the 60 hits from CDC deals additional 65% lightning property damage?


There’s a 20% chance of creating an extra hit that deals 65% more damage

From 60 hits from a creeping death charm, most likely you will create 12 extra hits that do 65% damage from a CDC hit, meaning you add 780% more final damage.

Can also create an extra hit from divine punishment, doing 65% from a divine punishment lightning

ahh i see, thank you very much