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Tanker Templar Build?

Hello there.
Please dont tell me anything about how tanks are nonexistent/useless in ToS. In general I tend to play Defensive characters, however as much as I loved going Pelt and Mata, I wanted to try an expand views and see other tanker builds.

Currently I want to keep Templar so that with my friends I can give them a hefty sheild, More crit and damage with divine mastery plate n all.
What 2 other classes would be good or worth to look into?

Rodelero, Hackapell, Peltasta, Blossom Blader, Fencer, Matador, Rodelero, Murmilo;
All these can be used well with templar, Spear/Pike have some restrictions.
Pelta/Rodelero - can be used well, will give some extra debuffs;
Pelta/Murmillo - same idea as the one with rodelero but with more movement;
Pelta/Hackapell - it has decent mobility and and subivability, you will suffer on solo content tho;
Hackapel/Blossom - is more agressive but can do the job;
Fencer/Matador - Its quire situational but do the job, depends on your play style.
Fencer/Rodelero - Will prob lack the crit rate so that you can consistently crit but can do the tank job, also you will not lose your shield defense;

Keep in mind that you will prob never get top 1 dps and i do not guarantee you do well on solo content.

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no reason not to use pelt if youre going tank. last can me murm or rode

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I understand that Ill more than likely never get top dps. Solo content wise… I do tend to just enjoy playing the game and having fun, I also play with friends too to give them buffs and have fun hanging out with them.

Truly thank you for listing all the combos, Though I was curious on what kind of restrictions Spears/Pikes have? Are they worse?
Because I did think about like…

I wanted to try and find something for lancer (Really love their class costume XD), but I couldn’t for the life of me find one… that… and I kinda already exhausted all my ep11 gear boxes, so If I were to go spears, I would actually need to slowly work up to it…

Non-Invasive Zone and the Horse can only be used with sword1h/2h/rapier.
They are more useful on pvp, its a restriction not that great, but you can work around, will be less effective on pvp.

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Oooh I see. Thank you so much~!
I might try it in the future sometime c: