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Synergies FF + Warlock

I’m a fond of FF + Warlock I love the two classes. Currently I’m with FF + Warlock and Bokor wich I really like and has good synergies with the other two. But I saw the new changes of Bokor and the futur of this class seems difficult (zombies not respawing after Damballa for example).
I’m looking for new classes. Sage looks for example nice with Warlock, the 15sec Blind debuff after Hole of Darkness.
Do you have any other suggestions ?
Thank you in advance.

  • Sorcerer has a buff which adds more damage to dark magic property. Since you like bokor, maybe you would like another summon class.
  • Onmyoji is also good. This class has a talent that increases holy and dark property attacks for 20% depending on the talent level.
  • Shadowmancer has good survivality abilities and utility, but you have already FF, so in my opinion you could end up missing AoE damage :frowning:
  • Sage is the same thing above. Has good utility skills, but I don’t know … maybe you’ll missing damage.

I would go FF + Warlock + Onmyoji, but pick what makes more sense (and fun) to you. And of course, you can check other classes to see which one will fit your playstyle.

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Hey I used to play FF WL Bokor too, but since the last update I dropped Bokor for Onmyoji. Like Timothy said Yin Yang Harmony will give you a +20% damage to dark property attacks (the buff lasts 50s with the attribute maxed, so 100% uptime), and it brings a lot of AOE attacks that are missing with FF WL.

You can also find some synergies with necromancer (decay debuff boosts poison damage for FF skills), Shadowmancer (additional dark damage and ways to apply blind), or Sage (15s blind + ngadhundi debuff boosts neutral damage by 10%) but imo they’re all lacking something that will make your gameplay less fluid.

Another synergy is Rune Caster : Rune of Destruction for -50% mdef which is a huge damage boost, especially late game, Rune of Justice does holy damage, which is boosted by the Mastema debuff, and rune of protection has an attribute that gives perma immunity to knockback and knockdown. It doesn’t have as many aoes as Onmyoji but aside from that it’s pretty good.

So yeah either go for onmyoji or rune caster, you can try the others if you really like the classes by themselves, but they won’t be as good.

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I haven’t tought of Rune Caster nor Onmyoji. I’m gonna try them out thanks for the replies :slight_smile: