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Synchronized party in 330 dungeon

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name : YoureGood, YoureBad, TroubledOnes, Dudes

  • Location : Lvl 330 Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 7:16

  • Evidence

Movement patterns are clearly synchronized, there’s also moments where the “leader” walks towards the wall to regain control over the party walk path. Also possible to notice that at the second room split two of them get stuck in the corner while trying to follow it.

PS: I’m sorry for those that wanted to talk about RNG based equipment, i forgot to change the title in the draft. We’ll go back to that later, that if no one starts the topic first.


Removed from Sanctuary. Please don’t hesitate to ping me or whisper AzuraSkyy, TM27, Mirie, or Zanadal in-game.


@archangel I messaged Skerry on discord and reached out to you in-game but in case this is faster. Ping.


Hello @Hillgarm

Thank you for reporting and we will investigate the activities of these players.

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EDIT: Ignore me I’m an idiot