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Swordsman farming build request


Returning player looking for a nice solid setup to go for to get some farming done. I have played a few years ago, with the reset provided I set one of my swordies for dragoon/retiarius. So far it doesnt feel all that great around level 180 with the gear the character had. I have not touched my second swordie on the skill distribution yet, Figured I would post here to see if I could get any info before wasting a second character’s reset.


I think Cata>Hop>Lancer and Doppel>Barb>High are very good combinations for farming - the first is very fast and have good AoE; the second have amazing AoE and it’s very strong. You can add Pelta too for more defenses, but I don’t think you will need it.



Ole>Deeds of valor>Double Pay Earn>Swash Buckling>Cyclone

Use 2H sword as main weapon and rapier + shield as swap (alt+z) set

You’re welcome