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Swordsman farming build request


Returning player looking for a nice solid setup to go for to get some farming done. I have played a few years ago, with the reset provided I set one of my swordies for dragoon/retiarius. So far it doesnt feel all that great around level 180 with the gear the character had. I have not touched my second swordie on the skill distribution yet, Figured I would post here to see if I could get any info before wasting a second character’s reset.



I think Cata>Hop>Lancer and Doppel>Barb>High are very good combinations for farming - the first is very fast and have good AoE; the second have amazing AoE and it’s very strong. You can add Pelta too for more defenses, but I don’t think you will need it.




Ole>Deeds of valor>Double Pay Earn>Swash Buckling>Cyclone

Use 2H sword as main weapon and rapier + shield as swap (alt+z) set

You’re welcome



Barb > Doppel > Peltasta

Barb buffs (Frenzy and Warcry) provide good dps increases for Doppel, and Seism/Pouncing are good cleanup skills and crowd control. Cleave is good for obvious reasons.

Doppel is fairly straightforward. Max Zucken and Redel (the conditional 1 second cooldown skills), get at least 1 point into Zwerchau, 1 point into Zornhau, Max Cyclone and DoV… optional 1 point into Punish, but its decent damage so you may as well. Optional point(s) into Stertzchau too.

This gives you points to spare to put into Double Pay Earn if you choose to use it for farming.

Peltasta is just for aggroing a lot of mobs at once, including neutrals.

Build is great for quick farming :3